Medical travel abroad

From our point of view, medical travel abroad means benefiting from your vacations and saving on your dental or cosmetic treatment, right here, in the heart of Transylvania, the famous historic region of Romania.

If you are dealing with exaggerated waiting time, legislative obstacles or very high prices when you need a surgical or dentistry intervention in your home country, medical tourism is the perfect solution. We, at TransylvaniaMed, could be just what you are looking for, if you want a very well-done job, in either aesthetics or dentistry, because we are working with accredited clinics and doctors and because our patients always leave with a smile and 100% satisfied.

Considering the fact that the world population is aging and the medical costs continue to rise, while all the nations are faced with ever-increasing resource burdens, traveling abroad for medical procedures has become an almost ordinary practice.

The estimations regarding the worldwide medical tourism market are showing a growth at a rate of 15-25% (patientsbeyondborders). TransylvaniaMed provides the same quality for the medical services it proposes (cosmetic surgery and dentistry abroad) as the one you could enjoy in your home country, but the costs of the procedures give patients the chance to save up to 50% or even 70%.

Besides the cost aspect, we, at TransylvaniaMed, do all our best to make sure that traveling out of your home country is as less challenging and uncomfortable as possible. We assist our patients from the very first moment they decide to make the trip, providing assistance not only for their relationship with the doctors, but for the plane ticket or hotel booking as well and we even provide free transportation between the airport and the hotel and from the hotel to the clinic and the other way around. The only reason we do all these is because we care first and foremost about our patient’s health and comfort.

TransylvaniaMed’s dental or cosmetic surgery services can be chosen separately by the patients or in combination: a dental implant in Transylvania, Romania, for instance, complementing the beauty procedure or vice-versa. Our patients come from all over the world: TransylvaniaMed is its patients’ partner in dental tourism and cosmetic surgery tourism and this is how the patients perceive us. Such a medical trip, for either dental or cosmetic purposes, lasts between 7 and sometimes 14 days. For both situations, TransylvaniaMed provides a wide range of tours and trips, so that the patients benefit not only from the medical services, but they get to visit extraordinary places as well, while spending quality time in Romania.

From the beginning of the patients’ medical trip, until they return home, TransylvaniaMed’s personnel will always be fully committed to the patients and their needs, providing immediate response and organizing the medical journey to Romania based on the patients’ requirements and budget and making their visit to Transylvania as stress free and enjoyable as possible.

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