37 Reasons Why You Should Never Visit Romania

1. So you think you should visit Romania because it’s beautiful?

palace of the people

2. Who lied to you? You shouldn’t visit it…

constanta casino
Constanta Casino

3. I honestly tell you: It SUCKS.

arch of triumph bucharest

4. I’m serious!

rasnov fortress

5. Everything here is average and unexceptional.

reasons to visit romania hiking

6. Don’t expect to fall in love with the place.

cazane road

7. Or to take your breath away.

reasons to visit romania scenery

8. Because it won’t.

reasons to visit romania vidraru

9. It has common scenery.

reasons to visit romania landscape

10. NO underground wonders!

turda salt mine top view

11. The waterfalls are awful and unmemorable.

reasons to visit romania waterfall

12. Castles? All of them are dull.

corvin castle during day

13. Dracula’s legend is old… not at all interesting.

dracula castle

14. Cities are boring!

sighisoara buildings

15.  All of them

iasi rapa galbena area

16. And the architecture? blah…

reasons to visit romania bucharest

17. Not to mention the villages.

reasons to visit romania rural

18. With no interesting history at all.
statue of decebal

19. And no remarkable events.

festival in sighisoara

20. Everything is so lame…

bucegi mountains rock sphinx

21. Even the beaches.

reasons to visit romania black sea

22. Don’t even get me started on the mountains.

reasons to visit romania cycling in the carpathians

23. And the Danube Delta? Not impressive at all, just a few birds.

reasons to visit romania danube delta

24. Same goes for the lakes.

balea lake

25. Transfagarasan is just an ordinary road.

transfagarasan road

26. Peles Castle has nothing to offer.

peles castle

27. Neither has the House of People.

reasons to visit romania parliament palace

28. Not to mentions the Painted Churches of Bukovina.

moldovita painted monastery

29. Everything is so ugly and meaningless. Eww…

reasons to visit romania wild horses

30. Bucharest has no class.

palace of justice bucharest

31. Oh, my god! The souvenirs are simply repulsive.

romanian dyed eggs

32. And you have nothing to do here.

reasons to visit romania skydiving

33. The tradition is below average.

reasons to visit romania crafting

34. Romania has no cultural heritage.

reasons to visit romania art

35. This hurts my eyes. Eww

reasons to visit romania breb

36. Oh, and the food? Disgusting!

romanian food sarmale

37. What more do you want?

reasons to never visit Romania Bran Castle

38. Just stay home, don’t bother. It’s a waste.

reasons to visit romania mountains

Note: This article uses sarcasm. Must be read carefully.



    • Daca prostia ar durea… Ai citit si ultimul rand, prostea? Sau sarcasmul e mult peste capacitatea ta de intelegere?

  1. :)) avem o tara frumoasa da pacat ca nu se investeste in turism si promovarea ei. sunt mandru ca sunt roman, am lucrat in Franta 6 ani dar la noi e mai frumos:) acasa sunt si aici voi ramane pe veci!


  3. Love the pictures in this post. Romania looks amazing! I’m just back from Bucharest and it exceeded all my expectations, would go back without any hesitation. Countryside looks incredible too!

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